NetBet with EM 2016 Special

On 10. June 2016 is the kick off for EM 2016 and as NetBet customer can you are with long-term bets for the one million euro jackpot register. With the right tips can be obtained from the cash earnings.

The main prize in the amount of one million euros can be used with the right tips and a little bit of luck. The NetBet action runs from 1. Maize to 10. June 2016 and applies for the EM 2016 in France.

The NetBet combined action customers can be from 1. May to 10. June 2016 Register for the action. To do this you must to all the results of the Euro 2016 in France tap between the 10. June and 10. July 2016. The eligibility period ends on 10. June 2016 at 20:59 pm. A total of 3 times customers can attend if you the entrance fee of 1 Euro. NetBet reserves the right to specific customer the participation is free to grant them. To participate in the action, you must have a valid account with the betting provider. Once the bets have been validated that it is the responsibility of the player, the individual bets in the “History” area.

In the group stage, players the 6 winners of the groups to predict the 6 second and the 4 third placed with the highest points. These 16 teams come in the knock-out phase of the EM. In this phase, customer must use the results of each individual match predictions. For each part of the knock-out phase is the result as a “valid” recognized that decides on the qualifications. This can be a team in the normal time after extension or penalty shoot-outs to qualify. If a game is not completed or is moved the result is ignored and the result of the newly prepared game replaced.

The distribution of the prize money prizes will be 72 hours after the end of the competition on 10. July 2016 the winner distributed. If you have multiple players on the same profit level, the profit in this split. Profits are in each case for the highest reach levels. Players that have a lower level, no profits. The winnings will be credited as cash and can at any time be disbursed. For levels 1 and 2 are the gains in rates of 25,000 euros per month is paid.

All Winners The NetBet action agree that your user name, interviews and profiles for marketing purposes may be used. NetBet can request documents which contain the identity and address and to review. Suspicious or fraudulent accounts will be excluded from the action.